Worst Films and Performances of 2004 Ballot

Final Ballot for the Cosmique Movie Awards


The "Worst" categories for the Cosmique Movie Awards are intended to note films and performances of the year that are particularly egregious. This year we have added a new category for Most Overrated Film. Nominated films must have had their first U.S. theatrical release in the 2004 calendar year. When in doubt, please see the list of eligible films to confirm.

Voters may select only one of the nominees for each award, though they are free to decline to vote in any category. Write-in votes are not permitted, as they time for writing in candidates passed with the conclusion of the nomination process.


Voter Information

This information is required to help us prevent fraud from multiple voting, and to ensure that the submissions are from eligible voters. It will also enable us to contact you if we have questions regarding your vote. All votes will remain confidential and shall never be disclosed. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS EVEN IF YOU COMPLETED IT ALREADY FOR A PREVIOUS SECTION OF THE BALLOT.

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Choose one nominee for each award. Voters are not required to vote in every category.


Worst Film of 2004

Vote for One
Along Came Polly
Starsky & Hutch
The Stepford Wives
Van Helsing

Decline to vote in this category


Most Overrated Film of 2004

Vote for One
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I, Robot
The Stepford Wives

Decline to vote in this category


Worst Performance in a 2004 Film

Vote for One
Halle Berry - Catwoman
Matthew Broderick - The Stepford Wives
George W. Bush - Fahrenheit 9/11
Cary Elwes - Ella Enchanted
Nicole Kidman - The Stepford Wives
Ben Stiller - Starsky & Hutch

Decline to vote in this category


Please review your ballot. If you are satisfied, please click the submit button. You will be provided with a confirmation of your votes which you may print out for your records. Once your ballot has been manually processed by our accountants, you will receive an email confirmation. If you ever wish to change any of your final votes, please do not fill out a second form. Instead, please email ballots@cosmomovieawards.com explaining the changes you would like to make. Any changes to your votes must be received before the deadline of midnight, Friday, March 25th.


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