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November 25, 2004


Corporate Support for Republicans

It's no surprise that senior executives and corporations tend to give disproportionately to the Republican Party. There are a number of logical reasons for this.

First, campaign contributors tend to give disproportionately to incumbents - they can curry favor with someone who may be in an immediate position to help them and typically has the advantage in the election. And with Republicans controlling the White House, Senate, and House leading up to the 2004 elections, it's not surprising that they'd dominate with the incumbent advantage.

Second, the Republican Party tends to favor business interests over consumer interests - witness their efforts to win tort "reform" (which restricts consumers' abilities to sue corporations) and their tendency to have a laissez faire attitude towards the environment.

Still, most corporations tend to find some Democrats that they like enough to support (if only because their re-election is guaranteed and they want to be in good standing with senior members of every party, even minority parties). So it's a bit surprising to find that some corporations gave exclusively or almost exclusively to Republicans in the 2004 election cycle.

I've decided to publish a list of those corporations - you can do as you will with the information. This is not a formal call for a boycott, as I think such a broad effort is doomed to fail. Still, given a choice between J.C. Penney's versus Macy's, I think I know where I'd rather have my dollars go. (Well, Nordstum's, actually, but that's another matter.)

Here are the top contributors list by percent that their contributions when to Republicans:

  1. Phillips Int'l. (100%)

  2. Cooper Industries (100%)

  3. Flowers Industries (100%)

  4. Harris Corp. (98%)

  5. Illinois Toolworks (97%)

  6. Outback Steakhouse (96%)

  7. ExxonMobil (96%)

  8. National City Corp. (95%)

  9. Wendy's Int' l. (93%)

  10. Anadarko Petroleum (92%)

  11. Timken Corp. (91%)

  12. Halliburton (91%)

  13. Meadwestvaco Corp (90%)

  14. Darden Restaurants Inc. (90%)

  15. Branch Banking & Trust Co (90%)

  16. Int'l Paper (90%)

  17. Caterpillar (89%)

  18. J.C. Penney Corp. Inc. (89%)

  19. Goodyear Tire (89%)

  20. ConocoPhillips Spirit (89%)

  21. Smithfield Foods, Inc. (88%)

  22. Chevron/Texaco (87%)

  23. Ford Motor Company (84%)

  24. Cigna Corporation (83%)

  25. Owens Corning (83%)

  26. Conagra Foods (83%)

  27. Home Depot, Inc. (81%)

  28. Baxter Healthcare Corporation (81%)

  29. 3M Company (80%)

Make of it as you will....


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