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November 12, 2004


Quick Update

All right. I know I haven't updated anything since Kerry conceded the election. I really haven't had the heart to write much, though. And I've been busy - I was taking a short professional development class, redesigning a friend's website, and reading and critiquing another friend's not-yet-published novel. There's a lot going on in my unemployed life!

I do have updates planned, though:

The Updates

Election Fraud

I plan to cover an overview of the election fraud allegations - I do believe that in this election, we experienced the most devious and insidious hijacking of an election in American history. I think there's enough evidence of widespread fraud to merit an investigation, although I'm not sure we'll have enough proof in time to overturn election results in any state or persuade any electors to switch their votes.

But I do hope that the fraud will provide enough impetus to provide some real election reforms and safeguards, and I have a modest proposal for how we can ensure fair elections in the future. Note that this is a truly modest and achievable proposal. I'm not suggesting a radical overhaul of the Electoral College, or switching to a Parliamentary system.

Moral Issues

A lot of ink has been spilled about how this election has validated right wing "moral issues," especially gay rights. Although there's a grain of truth to it, I think the rhetoric and perception of this is extraordinarily over-inflated. I'll present my reasons for why I don't think gay rights issues was a genuine driving force in this election.

Ranked Choice Voting

This was San Francisco's first opportunity to use the ranked choice voting system adopted by voters four years ago, and my district, District 5, presented the most interesting example of it in action. I've been analyzing the data (you should see my spreadsheets!) and will present my assessment of how it worked and who benefited from it.


My Timeframe

But it's a busy time, still. I'm looking for a job in earnest now. No, really, I am. But I'm still finishing up the redesign of my friend's website, I'm still evaluating my other friend's book, I have social commitments this weekend, blah blah blah. So while the Imperial Gazette will definitely be maintained and update, don't expect articles to appear as frequently as they did before. I'll probably have something like two or three per week, rather than per day.

So keep checking back!


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