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October 27, 2004

Breaking Political News

With the election less than a week away, The Imperial Gazette is going to try to stay on top of breaking campaign news.


BBC Exposes GOP Plan to Disrupt Voting in African American Precincts in Florida

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has unearthed secret Republican campaign document that suggests a plan to disrupt voting in predominantly African American (and Democratic) precincts in Florida.

Emails prepared for the executive director of Bush's Florida campaign and for the campaign's national research director includes a 15-page "caging list" with almost 2,000 names of registered voters that the GOP plans to challenge at the ballot box to prevent from receiving a ballot. Florida law allows political party operatives to challenge voters and require that they be issued a provisional ballot rather than a real one. A systematic campaign to do so would be unprecedented in Florida's history, according to one election official, and would be an illegal attempt to use the law to intimidate voters. The caging effort could seek to slow down the process and drive away voters from liberal precincts, either because the polling process was slowed down and they need to leave for work or other commitments, or because they were intimidated by the challenges.

Republican officials denied that the list is intended to challenge voters, and instead claim that it was used for fundraising solicitations and campaign mailers. But they could not explain why such a list would be sent to such senior campaign officials if the purposes were indeed so routine and benign.  (more...)


Springsteen Appearing With Kerry in Final Campaign Rallies

Bruce Springsteen has made no secret of his support for John Kerry, including headlining at a recent pro-Kerry rock concert. Now in the final days of the election, he plans to appear with Kerry at campaign rallies in Madison, Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, and will also join Kerry at an election eve rally on November 1st in Cleveland. The Boss will perform a few songs at each rally.


Evangelical Christians Not So Enamored With Bush

In 2000, Bush won about 80% of the vote from self-described evangelical Christians. But Bush's political strategist Carl Rove noted that over 4 million evangelicals who could have provided a more comfortable margin of victory stayed home and didn't vote, and he vowed to secure their support for 2004.

Perhaps that's why born-again Bush has been so vocal in his opposition to abortion, stem-cell research, and gay marriage. And with other evangelical issues in the news, including debate over including "under God" in the pledge of allegiance and displays of the Ten Commandments on government property, one might expect increased turnouts this year. But surprisingly, Bush's support among evangelicals has dropped in recent weeks, and is even down from his levels of support in 2000.

A poll published last week by the Pew Research Center found that 70% of evangelicals plan to vote for Bush. That's down from 74% three weeks ago, and significantly down from the 80% to 90% that the Bush campaign had been predicting.

Reasons for the declined support are mixed and complicated. Many evangelicals interviewed cited the President's war in Iraq, which they find to be immoral. Some criticized his anti-environmental policies as improper stewardship of the earth's resources. And some complained about his championing of the rich over the poor for being unchristian.

A few days ago, Bush sent shockwaves through conservative circles when he declared at a rally that he support civil unions for gays. The announcement wasn't a factor in the Pew poll, which had already been completed, but probably won't help shore up support among his more conservative base. But some analysts predict that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist's recent health troubles may scare some back into the Bush fold.

Few expect that Kerry will win many votes from evangelicals. The big question is more whether they will vote for Bush, vote libertarian, or not bother to vote at all.  (more...)


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