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October 26, 2004

Breaking Political News

With the election just a week away, The Imperial Gazette is going to try to stay on top of breaking campaign news.


Arab-Americans in Swing States Favor Kerry

In the four battleground states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, 54% of Arab-American respondents favor Kerry over Bush. Arab-Americans traditionally tend to favor Republicans in national elections. (more...)

But Kerry faces a delicate balancing act because some Jewish voters, one of the pillars of the Democratic Party, are a little nervous about this support. Although most predict that a majority of Jewish voters will still support the Democratic ticket, some predict that enough may cross party lines to provide the margin of victory in a tight race. Today former president Clinton campaigned in Boca Raton, Florida to reassure their Jewish constituency.  (more...)


Supreme Court Won't Put Nader on Ohio Ballot

The U.S. Supreme Court has just declined Ralph Nader's petition to be forced onto the ballot in battleground Ohio. Nader had asked the court to issue an emergency order overturning the state's requirement that ballot signatories be registered voters, a common state practice intended to prevent election fraud. On Saturday, the Court issued a similar ruling that will keep Nader off of Pennsylvania's ballot as well.  (more...)


Cleveland Plain Dealer Doesn't Endorse Bush

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has been in a bit of a pickle. Last week, the newspaper's nine-member editorial board wanted to support John Kerry for president. The owner of the paper reportedly threw a fit and said that they would either endorse Bush or endorse no one. In 2000, the paper endorsed Bush. The paper's endorsement was delayed by days, but finally today, the paper issued a weak refusal to endorse either candidate:

The voters know the issues and understand the stakes; we cannot imagine they need further advice about the men.

Cleveland Plain Dealer,
October 26, 2004

Surprisingly, their editorial even acknowledges their internal struggle: "A majority of the editorial board favored Kerry, but after long and difficult deliberations, it was decided that the better path would be to sit this one out."  (more...)


Broadcaster Donates $325,000 in Air Time to GOP

Pappas Telecasting Companies, one of the largest privately-owned broadcasting companies in the country, is donating $325,000 in free air time to 13 Republican county committees in California in a move that Democrats argue violates federal election laws. Although Democrats have argued that Democratic candidates are entitled to equal time, the company has stated that the Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission already ruled that equal time requirements for broadcasting companies was not triggered because the donation was made to Republican Committees and not directly to candidates.

And yet, the donation came to light when Dan Gardner, a Republican candidate for state assembly against incumbent Democrat Nicole Parra, started to use the free air time for his campaign ads.  (more...)


Gallop and Zogby Say Young Prefer Kerry Over Bush

Young voters registering to vote for the first time, who are typically between ages of 18 to 29, often don't vote. But this could be the election that changes that. With so many close races in 2000, many disillusioned voters saw that every vote really does count (unless the Republicans succeed in suppressing it). And both Gallop and Zogby have found that this demographic prefers Kerry over Bush by huge margins. Gallop found that young voters prefer Kerry 50% to 35% for Bush. And Zogby found that young voters preferred Kerry over Bush by double-digit margins in six of 9 states surveyed. (In Nevada, his lead with this demographic was only 8%, and Bush inexplicably leads with this group in Iowa and Minnesota.)


Consumer Confidence Sinks

The Conference Board's gauge of consumer confidence, a key economic indicator, has just reported a rating from 92.8, down from 96.7 last month and lower than analysts' predictions of 94. This is the lowest rating of the last seven months, indicating that many feel the economy is not picking up or on the right track.  (more...


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