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October 23, 2004

Bits and Pieces, Volume 4


Nader Loses Bids to be Placed on Ohio Ballot

Yesterday the Ohio Supreme Court issued a 6 to 1 ruling rejecting Ralph Nader's bid to be placed on the Ohio ballot as a presidential candidate, saying that his supporters waited too long to object to the manner in which nominating petitions were being processed. Nader has vowed to take the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court, though it's unclear whether this could be completed in time for the November 2nd elections. In 2000, Nader drew 3% of the vote in Ohio, slightly higher than his national average of 2.7%.


Nader Petitions U.S. Supreme Court to be Placed on Pennsylvania Ballot

On Thursday, Ralph Nader asked the U.S. Supreme Court to include him on the ballot there. Justice David Souter ordered Pennsylvania election officials to file an emergency response by Friday afternoon, a sign that the Supreme Court might take up the case and issue a ruling before the November 2nd election.

Election officials rejected more than 15,000 of the signatures on his petitions because they were not from registered voters. Nader is arguing that it requiring signatories to be a registered voter is a violation of their First Amendment constitutional rights.

My own editorial comment: I would be completely surprised if the Supreme Court prohibited states from limiting ballot signatories to registered voters. It seems like a fundamental way to protect against election fraud. However, I don't think even Nader thinks he'll win the case in the long run. What he wants is for the Supreme Court to issue a temporary order placing him on the ballot in time for the November elections, and then make a final decision later about the merits of the case. And I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more rabidly partisan Supremes voted to put him on the ballot now, even if they secretly know all full well that they will vote to retain Pennsylvania's election regulations down the road when the election is complete.  


Early Voting Trends

The Washington Post reports that in swing states alone, over 1.3 million voters had already cast early ballots. Thirty states allow for early voting at city halls and other designated areas. Historically, Republicans were more likely than Democrats to vote early, particularly by absentee ballot, but the Democratic Party has mounted an aggressive early-voting drive this year, and some states have reported unusually high percentages of registered Democrats voting early.  (more...)


Update on Newspaper Endorsements

Bush picked up some major newspaper endorsements on Friday, including the New York Post and the Washington Times. His total count of newspaper endorsements still trails Kerry's, 53 for Bush compared to 60 for Kerry. And Kerry's total circulation is much higher as well: 9.6 million for Kerry versus 6.4 million for Bush.

Several key newspapers are expected to make their endorsements this weekend, including the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, The Columbus Dispatch, and the Washington Post(more...)


Jesse Ventura Quietly Endorses Kerry

Jesse Ventura, the former independent governor of Minnesota, endorsed John Kerry on Friday after previously saying he would not endorse either candidate, but his support was announced in a most peculiar manner. At a press conference, Ventura stood side by side with Maine governor Angus King, but refused to speak a word. King told reporters that Ventura would not speak, but had authorized the Maine governor to speak on his behalf. King acknowledged that Ventura's presence at the press conference was intended as an endorsement of Kerry, but when reporters tried to ask questions directly of the former governor, he just shook his head and motioned them to speak with King.

It's a most unusual way to make an endorsement. But then, Jesse Ventura has always had a flair for the dramatic, and perhaps he felt this would get the endorsement more attention than a more conventional approach.


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