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October 20, 2004

Notable Quotes, Volume 4


"Senator Kerry could have made his point about gay and lesbian Americans without mentioning the Vice President's daughter. However, this shouldn't distract us from the fact that President Bush, Karl Rove, and other Republicans have been using gay and lesbian families as a political wedge issue in this campaign."

Patrick Guerrero, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans


"[Issue 1 is] an ambiguous invitation to litigation that will make it more difficult for us to retain and attract the young, talented, knowledgeable workers we need to advance Ohio's prosperity in the 21st century."

Bob Taft, Republican Governor of Ohio, in opposing a pending state initiative that would ban gay marriages as well as prohibit governmental bodies from offering domestic partnership benefits to their employees.


"There are plenty of ways that companies could provide benefits to non-married people without having it be part of some deviant sexual relationship. Taft and these other people are just pandering to the homosexual agenda."

David Langdon, the Cincinnati lawyer who drafted the pending initiative to ban gay marriages and governmental domestic partnership benefits in Ohio


"Here is a bit of 2008 campaign news. Jeb Bush has stated he will not run for president in 2008. This opens the path for Neil Bush and Marvin Bush because the twins, Jenna and Barbara, won't be old enough to run in 2008."

The Votemaster, Electoral Vote Predictor 2004


"The press has bravely and nobly eroded the public trust. What I'm advocating is the media come back and work for us again.... The bias of the media is not liberal. It's lazy and sensationalist."

Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, criticizing the mainstream media's coverage of politics


"I just wrote The New York Post. The critic was very cruel, and I said, 'If you want to chat, let me know. If not, you can go f**k yourself.' Criticize my music, OK. I learn from that stuff when it's constructive. But don't say I'm too old to be wearing a mini-skirt, which I wasn't even wearing. He said it was a simile. I told him he could shove his simile up his ass."

Nancy Sinatra, as quoted in Billy Masters' "Filth to Go" column. (And actually, the mini-skirt comment might qualify as a metaphor but definitely not a simile.)


"I am convinced ... that the black vote is going to be not only a bigger vote than ever before. It is the swing vote."

Reverend Jesse Jackson, dismissing polls and press speculation that African American voters may not bother to vote for John Kerry


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