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October 13, 2004

Bits and Pieces, Volume 1

There are lots of articles I should be working on right now. Like the update I have on national polls for the presidential race. Or turning my copious notes about Republican dirty tricks into an article.

(For that matter, I should be looking for a job rather than writing about anything. I glanced at craigslist, but nothing jumped out at me. But did you know that MTV has a video games department? Who knew?)

It's such a glorious day out. I can't concentrate on such weighty matters. Here, then, is the first of a periodic series of articles that will include a mish-mash of whatever I can think of to write about. Think Herb Caen, but with fewer ellipses.

About the Weather

My God, how glorious is the weather these days? I know September and October are our best months, but usually there's an edge to the air come mid-October.

Every day this week, I've found myself basking in the sun at "Dolores Beach." Don't worry, I'm protecting my fair skin. I spread out my gym towel close to the shade; by the time I would have overheated, the shade has crept forward enough to protect me. And I bring an entire liter of water. By the time the water is gone, it's time to go.

By the way, let me tell you that many of the guys who sun there during the day are gorgeous. Some look like students, with highlighters and notebooks and textbooks. Quite a lot seem to be loafing with novels or the newspaper (like me).

Oh, and a special shout out to the guy who didn't wear shorts but didn't let that stop him from taking off his pants. I suppose the red briefs looked like shorts from afar.


Before I forget, special birthday shout-outs to Nick and Heidi, who both celebrate birthdays today.

How Shallow Am I, Part 1

Did anyone else watch Bravo's new show Manhunt: the Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model? It's silly and vacuous (but not as obnoxious as the ill-fated Lorenzo Lamas show Are You Hot?). In the first episode last night, I really couldn't understand some of the first four eliminations. There was no explanation for the criteria, and some of those guys were much cuter than some of the guys kept. The end of the episode had a dramatic turn that will definitely get me to tune in next week. If you missed the premier, it will re-air tomorrow (Thursday).

Big Drama in Bush Country

In George W. Bush's hometown of Crawford, Texas (population 735), things have suddenly gotten dramatic when the hometown paper endorsed John Kerry. The resulting furor has all but destroyed the poor paper. "What we did was like slapping their mother," explained Nathan Diebenow, one of the authors of the editorial. The paper has now lost half of its subscribers, its website has crashed (after receiving 6,494 hits, far more than its average of 250 a day), and all three of the stores that sold the paper have discontinued selling it.

How Shallow Am I, Part 2

Okay, I'm not so shallow that I would vote for someone just because they're cute. (Well, I might if it were for something like Board of Education, but not for the Board of Supervisors.) But even if I wouldn't vote for them just because they're cute, I might trot on down to a meet-and-greet to see the cutie up close and in person.

This morning on my way to the gym, I stopped by Cafe Ibir hoping to see District 5 supervisor candidate Nick Waugh, whose website indicated that he would be meeting voters there in the morning. I was at his website because I keep seeing his signs all over the neighborhood, and am on the lookout for someone to fill the third slot on my ranked ballot. And I saw a cute campaign volunteer of his at the Castro Street Fair, so I was curious to see if he was gay or not.

Hell, I'm not working and I pass the cafe on the way to the gym anyway. But ... I did set my alarm to get up early enough to see him there, so I guess I'm not as innocent as I claim. I missed him there, but just might go out to the candidates debate on Monday morning.

Look, as I said, I'm not going to vote for him just because I think he's cute. I've already reported on my top two picks for my ranked ballot. But it can't hurt to say hi and give the guy encouragement, n'est-ce pas?

Bush's Slap to Women in the Service

When Ronald Reagan became president, he signed an executive order banning abortions in U.S. military hospitals except in the case of incest or rape. When Clinton became president, he rescinded the order. But now under Bush and the Republican Congress, the ban has been reinstated and strengthened: the ban no longer provides any exceptions, even for rape and incest.

Women in the military face a strange bind. Military rules prohibit fraternization among the troops, and military officials prohibit the sale and distribution of condoms. If the woman becomes pregnant and wants (or is forced) to keep the child, she faces discharge for violating military rules that are virtually never enforced against men. Military hospital may provide abortions in the event of incest or rape, but must pay for it out of pocket. (Women who wish to keep their sexual activity private can also pay out of pocket for a private abortion, but if she's stationed in the Middle East, there are no options for private abortion.)

The military says it's not in the business of paying for elective procedures, even though it pays for vasectomies, liposuction, breast implants, and nose jobs.

The potential for pregnancy as a result of rape or coercion from from a senior officer isn't idle speculation, either. The Department of Defense itself admits that 1,012 service members reported sexual assaults in 2002, and another 901 were reported in 2003. And these are just the ones that were actually reported.

You can read the full report at

Wi-Fi Hits Union Square

A few weeks ago, the San Francisco Examiner reported that Union Square is being wired to be a wireless hotspot, where laptop users with wireless modems will be able to access the Internet for free. In a separate article elsewhere (which I can no longer find, but I remember reading it), Mayor Gavin Newsom said that he hopes the pilot program will be successful and can be rolled out to other public places, such as Dolores Park and parts of Golden Gate Park.

Can you imagine it? Surfing the Internet while basking in the sun at Dolores Park? I won't have an excuse to not look for jobs!


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