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6-Oct-2004 - Welcome to The Imperial Gazette


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October 6, 2004

Welcome to Our Inaugural Issue

As this is the first issue of the newly relaunched Imperial Gazette, I wanted to welcome our readers - new and old - and give you a sense of what we'll cover and who we are.


About the Imperial Gazette

The Imperial Gazette was originally published in the early 1990s by the Royal Scribe. It was a printed newsletter that generally ran six to eight pages, and was mailed to our friends and colleagues. New issues generally came out every other month. It included entertainment news and gossip, political analyses and commentary, and election endorsements.

Some of you may recall that immediately after Clinton was elected in 1992, but before he took office, I drew up my own slate of who I felt should be in his cabinet. In my slate, I appointed Madeline Albright as Secretary of State. Clinton instead appointed Warren Christopher, and assigned Albright to be Ambassador to the United Nations. But Christopher stepped down after Clinton’s first term, and Clinton then made Albright the first female Secretary of State in our nation’s history. So I was right after all…just four years premature.

Publication Frequency

Publishing in an electronic medium is infinitely faster and cheaper than the old days. The Imperial Gazette ceased its publishing long before most of us had email addresses. That meant that issues were written using desktop publishing software, taken to a computer store to be laser-printed (this was before laser printers were affordable for more home users), photocopied, and then mailed through the U.S. Postal Service to our dear readers.

But times have changed! With the new electronic frontier, articles can be published immediately without waiting for critical mass to justify a new issue. A quick email message can alert our readers when a new article is posted. (If you would like to be added or removed from the email list, please write to us and we'll do our best to oblige.)

We make no promises about the frequency or durability of the new Imperial Gazette. At the moment, we plan to maintain it through the November elections. After that...who knows? No promises that we'll keep it up, but there's no set time for it to cease publishing, either.

Topics We'll Cover

We'll probably cover a little bit of everything of interest to our own selfish little selves, but the initial emphasis will be on politics. It is, after all, less than a month before a historic election, and it was this election that re-inspired us to friends and family feeling discouraged about our prospects in November. We make no pretense of being an impartial news organization. Our articles will be editorials and political commentary.

Oh, and in the future, we'll try to avoid speaking about ourselves in the ever-pretentious plural.


About the Author

The Imperial Gazette is published by the Royal Scribe. He's been a proud liberal since being a wee lad, a registered Democrat since he was 18, and has voted in every election in his life (except for one San Francisco District Attorney run-off election where neither candidate was particularly appealing). Although he has a history of voting for Democrats, he's been known to occasionally vote Green in local elections (which in California are supposed to be nonpartisan anyway!) and even for the odd Republican or two. (But in all fairness, a vote for Storm Jenkins for California Assembly over my arch-nemesis Willie Brown is a pretty safe vote.)

In most of the country, the Royal Scribe would be considered to be ultra-left wing. In San Francisco, he's a lot more moderate than many.

So...caveat emptor. Not everyone will care for all of the comments expressed herein. That's okay. If you aren't a close, personal friend, it may be a waste of your time to flood my emails with an opposing opinion.


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