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16-Dec-2004 - My Year of Living Dangerously

25-Nov-2004 - Corporate Support for Republicans

24-Nov-2004 - Seventy!

12-Nov-2004 - Quick Update

1-Nov-2004 - 2004 Election Endorsements

1-Nov-2004 - Election Eve Polls

1-Nov-2004 - Election Eve News

31-Oct-2004 - Words of Encouragement

31-Oct-2004 - Vote for Kerry Even in Safe States

31-Oct-2004 - Halloween Election News

30-Oct-2004 - Today's Political News

29-Oct-2004 - Political News of the Day

28-Oct-2004 - John Kerry's Historic Endorsements

28-Oct-2004 - 25 Years Combating LGBT Violence

28-Oct-2004 - Daily Political Updates

28-Oct-2004 - How You Can Protect Your Right to Vote

27-Oct-2004 - The Last Straw: Carl F. Worden

27-Oct-2004 - Conservative Quotes for Kerry

27-Oct-2004 - Today's Breaking Election News

27-Oct-2004 - Notable Quotes, Volume 5

26-Oct-2004 - Another Look at Taking Back the Senate

26-Oct-2004 - Breaking News of the Day

25-Oct-2004 - Breaking Political News of the Day

24-Oct-2004 - Can Democrats Regain Control of the House?

23-Oct-2004 - Early Voting Trends

23-Oct-2004 - Bits and Pieces, Volume 4

22-Oct-2004 - Bush OKs New Corporate Tax Cut

22-Oct-2004 - Beware Fox News and MSNBC

21-Oct-2004 - Gymnast Paul Hamm Gets to Keep Gold

20-Oct-2004 - Notable Quotes, Volume 4

20-Oct-2004 - Bits and Pieces, Volume 3

19-Oct-2004 - Movies Released in 2004

18-Oct-2004 - Bits and Pieces, Volume 2

18-Oct-2004 - The Crystal Prison

17-Oct-2004 - What If There's a Tie?

16-Oct-2004 - Notable Quotes, Volume 3

15-Oct-2004 - Endorsements for John Kerry

13-Oct-2004 - Notable Quotes, Volume 2

13-Oct-2004 - Bits and Pieces, Volume 1

12-Oct-2004 - Ranked Choice Voting Hits San Francisco

7-Oct-2004 - Notable Quotes, Volume 1

7-Oct-2004 - Prince Adares Shows Signs of Royal Affinity

7-Oct-2004 - Controlling the U.S. Senate

7-Oct-2004 - Key Battleground States

6-Oct-2004 - Democratic Hopes for the 2004 Election

6-Oct-2004 - Welcome to the Imperial Gazette



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Recent Articles

December 16, 2004

My Year of Living Dangerously

It has now been a full calendar year since I've worked - and it's been the best year of my life.  (more...)

November 25, 2004

Corporate Support for Republicans

Here's a list of the 29 corporations that gave between 80% to 100% of their campaign contributions to Republicans and the Republican Party. Make of it as you will.  (more...)

November 24, 2004


This month I hit my all time record: I've now seen 70 films released in U.S. theaters in the 2004 calendar year, breaking my record of 69 films set in 2002.  (more...)

November 12, 2004

Quick Update

All right. I know I haven't updated anything since Kerry conceded the election. I really haven't had the heart to write much, though. And I've been busy....  (more...)

November 1, 2004

Election Eve News

Bush's former Treasury Secretary once again blasts his former boss. Analysts predict fuel prices for consumers will drop by 10% if Kerry is elected. Ohio judges rule against GOP attempts to challenge prospective voters. Newspaper editorials oppose state ballot measures to ban gay marriages by a 10 to 1 margin.  (more...)

October 31, 2004

Words of Encouragement

For those focusing too much on CNN's polling, here are some reasons to feel hopeful as we head into the final two days of the presidential race.  (more...)

Vote for Kerry Even in Safe States

Some Nader supporters want us to vote for him if we live in a state that clearly go for Kerry or Bush. But Kerry needs our votes no matter where we live.  (more...)

Halloween Election News

MSNBC is recruiting "citizen journalists" to report on voting issues from polling locations around the country. Eleven states are considering bans on same-sex marriage.  (more...)

October 30, 2004

Today's Political News

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay running hard for re-election. Bush and Kerry seek political advantage with Osama bin Laden videotape.  (more...)

October 29, 2004

Political News of the Day

U.S. Army commanders awarded a $165 million no-bid contract to Halliburton in October over the objections of their own chief contracting officer. Songwriter issues copyright complaint against Bush.  (more...)

October 28, 2004

John Kerry's Historic Endorsements

Since newspaper endorsements first started to be tracked in 1940, only three Democrats have won more endorsements than Republicans: Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Bill Clinton in 1996, and John Kerry in 2004.  (more...)

25 Years of Combating LGBT Violence

Community United Against Violence (CUAV), formed in the wake of the Harvey Milk/George Moscone assassinations, is now celebrating their 25th anniversary.  (more...)

Daily Political Updates

Pennsylvania county secretly changes polling locations for 10,000 to 15,000 voters without notification. FBI opens criminal investigation of Halliburton's government contracts. Justice Department triples number of election observers. Almost 60,000 absentee ballots are missing in Florida's most heavily-Democratic county, Broward County. Bush elected top movie villain in Britain. Ohio judge blocks GOP efforts to disenfranchise voters.  (more...)

How You Can Protect Your Right to Vote

Understand what your rights are on election day, and what you can do to help ensure that your vote is counted.  (more...)

October 27, 2004

The Last Straw

Article from Carl F. Worden, a conservative columnist, regarding why he has voted for Kerry.  (more...)

Conservative Quotes for Kerry

Quotes from several leading conservatives on how George Bush has betrayed their principles and why they will be supporting John Kerry.  (more...)

Breaking News

BBC exposes GOP plan in Florida to intimidate African American voters. Bruce Springsteen appearing with Kerry in final campaign stops. Evangelical Christians no longer so enamored with Bush.  (more...)

Notable Quotes, Volume 5

More quotes from celebrities and notable personalities in the news.  (more...)

October 26, 2004

Another Look at Taking Back the Senate

The latest polls and predictions regarding the Democrats' chances of regaining control of the U.S. Senate.  (more...)

Breaking News

Nader off of Ohio ballot. California broadcaster donating free air time to the GOP, and the Republican-dominated FCC says it's okay. Young voters prefer Kerry by large margins. Consumer confidence is down. The Cleveland Plain Dealer makes no endorsement.  (more...)

October 25, 2004

Breaking News

Bush cousins endorse Kerry. Nader off the Pennsylvania ballot. Rehnquist battles cancer. Newspaper endorsement update for Kerry. Bush loses nuclear explosives in Iraq. Conservatives drop previous support of Bush. (more...)

October 24, 2004

Can the Democrats Regain Control of the House of Representatives?

To regain control of the House of Representatives, the Democrats will need to pick up a net gain of 12 seats. It's a tough challenge, but not out of the question.  (more...)

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