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The Lion in Winter      

The Lion in Winter

The most significant reserved-seat attraction of the year!


Directed by: Anthony Harvey

Written by: James Goldman

Starring: Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, John Castle, Nigel Terry, Timothy Dalton, Jane Merrow

Primary Genres:
Drama; Historical

2004 Cosmique Movie Awards

  • Nominations:  1
  • Awards:  not yet announced

Previous Cosmique Movie Awards

  • Nominations:  6
  • Awards:  0


It is the reign of King Henry II of England (Peter O'Toole). His first son has died, leaving three more sons vying for his throne with the connivance of their mother, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine (Katharine Hepburn). King Henry has temporarily released his queen from her then-10 year imprisonment for the holidays.

Who shall prevail in their intrigues? Richard the Lionheart (Anthony Hopkins), who is Eleanor's favorite? John (Nigel Terry), the youngest, favored by Henry though he is depicted here (in the film's most significant historical inaccuracy) as a buffoon? Or will middle son Geoffrey (John Castle), favored by neither parent, play his siblings off each other to win the throne? Or perhaps Philip (Timothy Dalton), the young king of France and Richard's childhood friend, will succeed in stirring the pot to appease his own ambitions.

Although The Lion in Winter received several nominations at the first Cosmique Movie Awards, it did not take home any trophies. It has subsequently been nominated to the Hall of Fame twice. One of its stars, Katharine Hepburn, was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the first awards; two other stars, Peter O'Toole and Anthony Hopkins, have both been nominated for the Hall of Fame.

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