Cosmique Movie Awards


Zach Braff

Birth: April 6, 1975 (South Orange, New Jersey)

Selected Awards and Honors:

  • One Golden Globes nomination
  • One Grammy Award
  • One Writers Guild of America Awards nomination

2004 Cosmo Awards:

  • Nominations: 2 individual
  • Wins: not yet announced


Zach Braff's feature film directorial debut was a little independent film that made big. Garden State, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, earned acclaim among critics and independent film theater-goers alike, but only earned a handful of nominations at most of the major awards. But the Cosmos were different - Garden State earned a surprising nine nominations, including Best Film, and its collective strength, particularly in the more important categories, was enough to give it a tenth nomination for Best Director. The nomination makes him the youngest Best Director nominee in Cosmo history, as well as the first person to simultaneously earn nominations in both acting and directing categories.


Cosmique Movie Award Nominations


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