Cosmique Movie Awards


Sean Astin

Birth: February 25, 1971 (Santa Monica, California)

Selected Awards and Honors:

  • One Oscar nomination (short feature)
  • One MTV Movie Award award
  • One ensemble Screen Actors Guild award (three ensemble nominations)
  • Two Young Artists Award (three nominations)

Previous Cosmo Awards:

  • Nominations: 3 individual, 4 ensemble
  • Wins: 1 individual, 2 ensemble


As Sam Gamgee, Frodo's faithful gardener and bat-man, Sean Astin hovered in the background of Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. But The Return of the King is Sam's chance to shine as a heroic character, and for Sean Astin's performance, Cosmo voters awarded him with three individual nominations, including the award for Best Supporting Actor.


Cosmique Movie Awards
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