Cosmique Movie Awards


Paul Giamatti

Birth: June 6, 1967 (New York, New York)


Selected Awards and Honors:

  • One Golden Globe nominations
  • Two Independent Spirit Award nominations
  • One MTV Movie Award nomination
  • One Screen Actors Guild ensemble award (one individual and one ensemble nomination)

2004 Cosmo Awards:

  • Nominations: 1 individual
  • Wins: not yet announced


In 2003, Paul Giamatti was passed over for a Cosmo nomination for American Splendor even though co-star Hope Davis was recognized. And when he was overlooked for an Academy Award for the much-hyped Sideways, it seemed that history might repeat itself. But in the end, he managed to capture an individual nomination and also shares in the film's ensemble nomination.


2004 Cosmique Movie Award Nominations


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