Cosmique Movie Awards


Bruno Ganz

Birth: March 22, 1941 (Zürich-Seebach, Switzerland )


Selected Awards and Honors:

  • One Australian Film Institute Awards nomination
  • Two European Film Awards nominations

2004 Cosmo Awards:

  • Nominations: 1 individual
  • Wins: not yet announced


Bruno Ganz' performance in the controversial German film Der Untergang about Adolph Hitler's final days has been completely under the radar in terms of the major American cinematic awards. So it came as a bit of a surprise when nominations started to come in for the German actor and his film. In some ways, the nominations were a bit premature since the film didn't receive much U.S. distribution until 2005, but the Board of Governors decided to allow the votes to stand, and they proved to be enough to score a surprise nomination.


2004 Cosmique Movie Award Nominations


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