Cosmique Movie Awards


Albert Finney

Birth: May 9, 1936 (Salford, Manchester, England, UK)

Selected Awards and Honors:

  • Five Academy Award nominations
  • Two BAFTA Awards and one Fellowship (thirteen nominations)
  • One Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination
  • One Emmy Award
  • Three Golden Globe Awards (nine nominations)
  • One individual and one ensemble Screen Actors Guild awards (two individual and one ensemble nominations)

Cosmo Awards:

  • Nominations: 1 individual, 1 ensemble
  • Wins: 0


In an interesting Cosmo twist, the character of Ed Bloom in Big Fish was nominated in both leading and supporting roles, but for different actors. Ewan McGregor was nominated in the leading role, while Albert Finney was nominated as a supporting role. Finney ended up being trampled by The Return of the King juggernaut when Sean Astin won for Best Supporting Actor.

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