Nomination Ballots

Eighth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards

You are invited to vote in the Eighth Cosmique Movie Awards celebrating the best (and worst) films of 2010. Nominations are due by midnight on Friday, April 1, April 8, 2011. No joke!

The Cosmique Movie Awards were founded in 2000 by a group of like-minded folks mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area at an Academy Awards party as a way to celebrate the best (and worst) films in a variety of serious and irreverent categories. Categories like Best Film, Best Drama, and Best Actor exist side-by-side with categories like Favorite Villain and Actor's Character You Would Most Like to be Intimate With. Voters were never expected to see every possible film; the awards are as much about what drew us to the theaters as it is about what we liked ones we got there.

The initial voters were an ever-widening circle of friends. Most of them, but not all, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. A majority were gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, though there were also many straight-but-not-narrow voters. Most would be considered to be of varying degrees of "left-leaning" by national standards. Some focused mostly on action blockbusters. Some tried to catch every potential Oscar nominee. Some wanted to give props to obscure indie films. Most had something to say, either for or against, the Academy Awards. You can read our history for more.

If you've come across this page and feel like-minded, you are invited to vote in the Eighth Cosmique Movie Awards. Nomination ballots are due April 8, 2011. We will then tabulate the results and release new ballots for the nominees.

Preparation (optional)

Voters aren't required to do anything to prepare, but some may find these optional tools to be helpful.

The genres were based on tags on IMDB. Use them to get ideas if it helps, but don't feel tied to them. If you believe a film matches for a category not tagged by IMDB, feel free to nominate it.

Note: the list of eligible films was developed from a list on of films that reported box office revenues in 2010. Some films may be been inadvertantly omitted if they did not report box office earnings, while other older films may have been unintentionally included if they had a theatrical re-release in 2010. If you are in doubt, you may vote for it anyway and we'll reevaluate it if it gets enough votes, or you can email us at


Online Ballots (due April 8, 2011)

The online nomination ballot has been divided into five separate ballots: Lifetime Achievements, Best Overall, Best Performances, Best by Genre, and Worst of 2010. Each ballot must be filled out separately. In addition, please note each ballot must contain your name and email address to be eligible. Even if you completed that information for one section of the ballot, be sure to complete it for the others, as the sections will be processed separately.

When you have completed one section, please confirm your results, print the page if desired, and then proceed to the next section.

  1. Lifetime Achievements Section
  2. Best Films Overall Section
  3. Best Performances Section
  4. Best by Genre Section
  5. Worst of 2010 Section

If you later wish to change any of your nominations, please do not fill out another ballot. Instead, re-do that section of the ballot with the same email address and resubmit before April 8, 2011. Only your most recent submission for each section will be considered.

Once the nominations are processed, we will announce the nominees by Monday, April 18, and voters will have until Friday, May 6th to cast their final votes.