Seventh Annual Cosmique Movie Awards

Honoring films released in the 2006 calendar year


As always, the Cosmo Awards have some parallels with the other major film awards, but with our own special twist.

The Departed, for example, did very well with 12 nominations, the most of any film this year (though far short of the record 27 nominations set by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King several years ago). But the second-most nominated film was Shortbus, John Cameron Mitchell's sexy and poignant unrated film that was completely ignored at all of the other awards shows. Shortbus did so well (including nominations for Best Film, Best Drama, Best Ensemble, and two major acting nominations among its 10 nominations) that it scored enough on our complicated formula to achieve a Best Director nomination for Mitchell, who already holds a Best Acting Cosmo for his starring role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He can add a Best Director trophy to his mantel, sharing the honor with the directors of Little Miss Sunshine.

In addition to Shortbus and The Departed, other Best Film nominees include Little Miss Sunshine, The Queen, and another surprise: V is for Vendetta. But Little Miss Sunshine was the clear favorite of the voters, winning six of its nine nominations including the top awards for Best Film, Director, and Comedy.

Jennifer Hudson, reflecting a typical voter confusion for how to categorize her role, received both Lead and Supporting nominations for her work in Dreamgirls. Voters decided to give her the Supporting award as they did for both Ellen Degeneress (Finding Nemo) and Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation) when they were in a similar position. Helen Mirren, a previous Cosmo Supporting Actress winner for Gosford Park, walked away with the Best Actress award for The Queen.

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