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Fifth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards



Heaven help us.

Directed by: Brian Dannelly

Written by: Brian Dannelly, Michael Urban

Starring: Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macauley Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Eva Amurri

Primary Genres:
Comedy, Drama


2004 Cosmique Movie Awards

  • Nominations: 4  

  • Awards: 0


  • Viewers: to be announced April 2005

  • Average Rating: to be announced April 2005

  • Weighted Rank: to be announced April 2005


When Mary (Jena Malone), a devout student at a Baptist school, seeks to cure her boyfriend (Chad Faust)'s homosexuality by sleeping with him, she finds herself pregnant and outcast from her friends.




Writer/director Brian Dannelly wrote a wickedly funny script that satirizes some of the hypocrisy evident in the newer Christian youth ministries. He took pains to make the film as authentic to the contemporary Christian youth movements as possible (Pastor Skip tries to reach his students by attempting to be hip, rather than through fire and brimstone rhetoric, for example), but falls a little short in completely humanizing some of his targets. Even so, the film is not as "anti-Christian" as some of its critics have claimed.

Jena Malone, who achieved her first Cosmo nomination two years ago in the now-retired category of Best Young Performer (for "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys"), could be a dark-horse candidate for Best Actress, while Mandy Moore could have an even stronger claim for Best Female Villain. In addition, the film may do well for Best Script, Best Ensemble, and several genre categories.

My Rating: 9

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