Cosmique Movie Awards

Fourth Annual Cosmo Awards Ceremony

Celebrating the best in cinematic achievement for 2003

It was almost inevitable that The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King would do well at the Cosmos. The first film in the trilogy earned ten nominations and won six, including tying for Best Film of 2001. The second achieved a record 21 nominations and won a record nine of them. So in a year when The Return of the King scooped up nominations and awards around the globe, it should be no surprise that it also did phenomenally well at the Cosmos. In the nomination round, it received up a new record 26 nominations at the Cosmos - sweeping all seven of the positive Films Overall categories (including Best Film of 2003), nine of the thirteen positive Performance categories (with multiple nominations in several), and three of the six genre categories. And when the winners were announced on April 3rd, it ended up taking home a new record 12 awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Drama, and Best Supporting Actor.

X2: X-Men United achieved a surprising 15 nominations, the second-most nominated film of the year (and the fourth most in the history of the Cosmique Movie Awards), but couldn't stand up to The Return of the King's momentum, and ultimately achieved only a single award. Big Fish fared a little better, winning two of its 12 nominations, including Best Comedy/Musical. And Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl fared even better, winning three of its 12 nominations, including a tie for Best Actor.

Although Lost in Translation was popular with Cosmo voters, with nine nominations including one for Best Film, it ended up receiving only a pair of awards, including a Supporting Actress trophy for Scarlett Johansson. Finding Nemo, another Best Film nominee, tied with a Supporting Actress award for Ellen Degeneres. But In America, the fifth Best Film nominee, ended up "just happy to be nominated."

All told, a total of 55 different films and 80 individuals achieved at least one nomination. Of these, 17 different films and 18 individuals received an award.

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