Fourth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards


Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Directed by: Peter Weir

Written by: Patrick O'Brien (novels); Peter Weir and John Collee (screenplay)

Starring: Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, James D'Arcy, Edward Woodall, Chris Larkin, Max Pirkis, Max Benitz, Billy Boyd

Primary Genres:
Drama; Historical; Action/Adventure

2003 Cosmique Movie Awards

  • Nominations:  2
  • Awards:  0


  • Viewers33% of raters (39th place)
  • Average Rating: 5.50 (56th place)
  • Weighted Rank: 183 (51st place)


A British frigate captained by Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) is assigned to prevent a much larger French vessel from reaching the Pacific during the Napoleonic Wars.

Though Master and Commander did very well in the general awards circuit, including getting the second-most number of Oscar nominations and winning the Best Director BAFTA for Peter Weir, it fared poorly at the Cosmos. The film's BAFTA win and its single general nomination for Best Historical gave Peter Weir the badly needed extra half-point to squeak out a Best Director nomination, but the film's poor showing was a clear indication that not enough Cosmo voters saw it, or liked it enough, for him to have a chance of winning against the popular Peter Jackson.


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